The newest instalment of the Honkai series from miHoYo, Honkai Star Rail release date will take its chaotic fusion of anime aesthetics and many game genres into space in such a tactical character game.

Players that liked the resemblances to miHoYo’s earlier game Genshin Impact as well as its hints of open-world architecture, dungeon crawling, plus turn-based combat were enthusiastic about its initial reveal in October 2021.

While Honkai: Star Rail looks similar to Genshin Impact, the game has a turn-based combat system and is set in the sci-fi world.

It marks the return to the Honkai series for miHoYo. Prior to Genshin Impact becoming a global hit, the studio released shooter Honkai Gakuen 2 and RPG Honkai Impact 3rd.

Honkai Star Rail release date will be within 2022 Q4 or 2023 Q1 according to Genshinlab.

Genshin Impact first Closed beta was announced on 8 June 2019. It took 15 months for Mihoyo to release the open-world game Genshin Impact on 25 September 2020.

In which Platform Honkai Star Rail Will Available?
The game will be available for free on PC, Android, and iOS. There is no information on whether the game will be released on further platforms, although Genshin Impact has already received a PlayStation port and also is scheduled to receive a Switch version soon in Honkai Star Rail Release Date. has professional guys to serve every players at this thing. You can buy the fast and safe Honkai Star Rail Account from our store. We always ensure the delivery time happened in 15mins and your account security would be guaranteed for sure due to we traded you with manual Honkai Star Rail Account resources. After place an order, you can contact our Live chat support service if you get any other question.