Legacy of Thieves Collection arrived on PC, a collection that was originally released last January for PlayStation 5 and includes Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and its DLC Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, both remastered and with a number of graphic improvements. This is how we are faced with a version that takes great advantage of these adaptations when we test them on high-end computers, being able to play up to 4K and 60 FPS, and with support for ultra-wide monitors.

Just like with God of War, it was decided not to release the old games first, but immediately release the newest part in the series. As a result, you do miss some background as a player, and since Uncharted 4, especially in the beginning of the game, often harks back to the events in the earlier parts, a summary beforehand would have been appropriate. Instead, you are immediately dropped into the story and it sometimes takes a while to know who exactly is which character. Elena and Sully are of course familiar to fans of the series, but if you've never played an Uncharted game before, you'll have to guess how exactly they fit into the picture of Drake's life.

Unfortunately, the PS5 remaster has no ray-tracing, but not that it needs it. Uncharted 4 is without a doubt one of the best-looking games for the PS4, and the remastered version is gorgeous. To be fair, I don't think there was much added — I checked the PS4 version and it looks the same to me. What's improved is that the games can now output in 4K at 30fps (Fidelity mode), or a supersampled 1440p resolution to 4K at 60fps (Performance), and 120fps at 1080p (Performance+). While Fidelity looks the best, Performance gives you that extra smooth panning at 60 FPS. It makes Fidelity feels sluggish in comparison. As for Performance+, you'll need a 120Hz TV such as the LG C1 OLED 4K TV or the Sony Bravia XR A80J. It doesn't look as good though. I recommend sticking to Performance.

The different graphic options that the game gives us allow us to enjoy it like never before, at the highest possible quality and with a graphic level that has nothing to envy to current games. Remember that Uncharted 4 was originally released in May 2016 and although this port is based on the Legacy of Thieves Collection released for PS5, it still looks simply amazing on PC.

The Lost Legacy was originally intended as a DLC expansion for Uncharted 4, but was later converted to a standalone title in the series. This game does not focus on Drake and his regular group, but on Chloe Fraser, who fans know from Uncharted 2. Together with Nadine Ross who was introduced in Uncharted 4, she goes in search of the Tusk of Ganesh in India. A somewhat smaller and more experimental adventure, but definitely worth playing for fans. By combining both titles in this collection, it is well worth the purchase. Until now, the PlayStation ports have not always been well priced, but the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection is well worth a price tag of 49.99 Euros.

Other enhancements include haptic feedback for the DualSense controller. The triggers also provide resistance, so you feel like you're pushing down on a gun's trigger. Like Returnal, the game's little bits of vibration will easily make you feel like you're inside the game. The 3D Spatial Audio feature offers the best experience with a headset. When donning one, the world comes alive — from ambient jungle noises to bullets zipping by.

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