This is possibly the first time in years that both franchises are going head-to-head for a few of FUT 23 Coins footy's biggest licenses.PES announced Juventus (forcing EA to remove the Indians out of their game and replace them with a generic team instead), and FIFA replied by demonstrating that they'll have appropriate Bundesliga integration this season.

Think that the Premier League's demonstration, only with your fave German league stadiums, player faces and much more. It's an exciting time to become a gamer even, and afterward more so when clapping eyes on a few of the juicy screens in this gallery. If you want to observe some of these new stadia, find out what stars like Eden Hazard, Virgil Van Dijk and much more look like in-game and determine how the new Career Mode package is shaping up, then that is for you.FIFA 23 has some sitting on the fence. Maybe this selection of snapshots will persuade the doubters...

Are you among the many that delve knee-deep to FIFA's career style each year? If so then you are part of a select group that go through the same struggles each year.It's no secret that EA has not exactly shown much love to career mode these last few years, in reality the mode has gone untouched for a while today.

Well that going to change using FIFA 23, where EA has talked-up that the Career Mode. The revamped manner will allow you to customise your manager, partake in press conferences that could affect your player performances, and also a greater emphasis on player potential/management.

And player possible is what we're taking a look at today. There's nothing quite like using a lesser level team such as Leeds United, buying or loaning a multitude of young talent - thanks for  cheap FIFA 23 Coins a takeover perk - shepherding those players to become the best group in the world, and restoring your club to its former glory.