World of Warcraft WOTLK Classic has proven to be a success for the developer Blizzard which is why it's natural the company would want to WOTLK Gold continue that forward momentum by creating an "classic" variation of the game's first expansion with WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. Some players may enjoy the initial version of the game such that they don't want to move on to Burning Crusade, however, and Blizzard has introduced a choice to those who wish their characters to remain in regular WOTLK Classic.

In the meantime, existing WOTLK Classic servers will be automatically upgraded to Burning Crusade forms, complete with new races, class upgrades and a brand new region of the Warcraft universe to explore, players do not need to travel through the Dark Portal to enter the broken world of Outland when they don't want to.

The choice is whether to stay with the current form of WOTLK Classic forever or go to the future, Blizzard states that the choice players make will be permanent to the point that there's an option for those who wish to enjoy their cake and have it all.

It's an uphill battle for those who've spent many hours buying the most desirable items and gear in WOTLK Classic to only wait for an expansion that's coming and make the majority your hard-earned treasures obsolete buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. For those who want to stay on "vanilla" WoW and remain on Azeroth this is the information that is known about the Burning Crusade's upcoming release as well as the options players will have.