Tonali begins with a promising of 75 -- made even more promising by FUT 23 Coins the defensive midfielder's 19 decades old -- but he has the potential to grow and become an 89-rated player and someone who can dictate your play and also eventually become an integral man for a long time to come.Starting Career Mode in 19 decades of age and with a score of 76, Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden is destined to become one of the greats of both FIFA 23 as Career Mode evolves from season to season.

If you can convince Pep Guardiola to allow the talented young Englishman go, you'll have a player who might be a key figure in your side for at least ten years. By all accounts, Foden's potential can visit him hit the heady heights of a 90 overall rating if you make sure that you give him regular minutes on the pitch. Remember, this is somebody who Guardiola has tagged the most talented player he's ever seen.

You may have never heard of Florentino, but he is guaranteed to become a big-time participant as FIFA 23's Career Mode progresses. Still just 19 decades old, the Benfica youngster isn't likely to put you back too much when it comes to a fee, along with his beginning rating of 76 means that he could realistically be in and around your game day squad immediately.

Capable of playing as a CDM, CM or even as a CB, the young Portuguese is strong, competitive, has excellent defensive features, and is most certainly comfortable on the ball. Having a top defensive workrate, Florentino provides protection and a safety net for your attacking players to do exactly what they do best -- all while he keeps things nice and guarded in the back.

Rated as 81 once you begin Career Mode, Martinez has the potential to go on cheap FIFA 23 Coins and become one of the greatest strikers in the game and one of the greatest players at FIFA 23, period.