Because of KD's height as a result, he will have a higher center of gravity when dribbling the ball 2K23 MT. When he's under the pressure of defensive pressure from other players of smaller size, the motion is slowed. The Green Army carefully studied KD's dribbling method and found the best way to interfere.

Strategistically, when KD is able to dribble the ball front of him to move in a different direction and is waiting to strike, as soon as he starts, players from the Green Army will quickly shoot and steal the ball.

It is believed that the Green Army will increase the difficulty of KD getting the ball back and improve the physical confrontation to the extent that KD will require lots of physical strength every time he gets the ball. When KD was handed the ball, the green team didn't rush to double-team KD but double-teamed when KD began to dribble the ball.

This delayed double-team tactic seriously restricted KD's dribbling area. If KD desired to let the ball, his teammates in the Green Army would increase physical confrontation with KD and take the ball away at the exact moment that KD adjusted. Should KD as well as his teammates are playing an active pick-and-roll situation then the green team would also switch defenses against KD.This is the worst thing about the green army's defensive.

The Green Army's series of defensive tactics against KD put KD under a lot of pressure defensively each time he touched the ball, while facing two teams or being confronted by a group of clothed green men. It is evident this way: there is a definite stance that Green Army is in, the midst of defending KD they did not allow the player any breathing space and Irving was also completely shut down in the hands of Cheap NBA 2K23 MT the Green Army.How far can this army of green with a full defense system get in the end? Stay tuned to