Curry came back with a bang last season with a total to 32.0ppg as well as 91% on the free-throw line NBA 2K23 MT, both more impressive than when he unanimously won MVP in the 2016 season. He almost got the Warriors to the Playoffs as well. The choice of Curry means that the player is able to play from anywhere on the court and pose a threat.

Similar to Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant had a few absences throughout the 2019-2020 season. Due to injuries, he was limited to 32 games during the season as well . However, Durant was an absolute star for the Brooklyn Nets when he was playing, putting the numbers up with 26.9ppg, 7.1rpg, and 5.6apg.

He also remained efficient (53FG percent) and didn't look like a guy who had an achilles injury. To top it all off, Durant had an incredible Playoff run, that was highlighted by a spectacular 49-point, 17-rebound and 10 assists game. Durant is in essence a flawless player for NBA 2k23 because he has the ability to shoot as well as defend, pass, rebound, and then drive to the basket.

Of course, there's nobody on a better run in the last couple of years, than Milwaukee's Giannis Antetokounmpo. In the last couple of seasons, he has won two MVP awards, Defensive Player of the Year, All-Star MVP, and the Most Improved Player award, before adding another award of NBA Title and Finals MVP.

Now, there are some areas where Antetokounmpo's game is lacking. The player isn't a strong jumper, and his shooting technique is a bit questionable but it's not impossible to see his dominance at both sides of the court. He's not yet turned 27.Four players total have been confirmed for this Glitched series, with each player coming with their featured statistic boost over the 99th percentile of Dark Matter form. Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons is often criticized for his inability of hitting 3 point shots. However, that is not the case anymore in the Glitched series, since Ben Simmons can hang with players like Stephen Curry.

Similar can be said about the legendary Yao Ming, whose biggest flaw was his 3 point game. The giant can now make players uncomfortable with his powerful side or lean back 2K23 MT Buy, and then drain the ball with a three. For those who want to make the best center design to play in NBA 2k23, it may already exist thanks to Ming's brand new Dark Matter unit.