Runescape Developer Jagex has put a stop the development of Runelite HD OSRS Gold, a fan-made HD mod of the popular free client called Old School Runescape, just at the time the project was due to launch last Monday. The decision was made at the eleventh hour, and has some Runescape fans expressing anger over Jagex's decision and saying they'll switch to other MMOs.

Runelite HD designer "117" posted on Reddit Tuesday sharing the message from Jagex The message was later confirmed by Jagex in its own blog article. Runelite HD operates as a plugin that can provide significant visual enhancements to the basic Runescape as observed by 117's Twitter. Moderator 117 also said that they've spent around 2000 hours over the last two years developing Runelite HD.

"Yesterday we contacted the developers of known HD projects and requested them to stop working on their games, as this is a project that we are actively investigating," Jagex stated. Jagex wrote to 117 that it was working on an HD version of Old School Runescape was "still quite early in its exploration stages" but "very advanced."

"Naturally this means the fan-driven projects that attempts to alter the look of Old School RuneScape appears will be contrary to our designs," Jagex wrote to 117. "We believe it is essential that there be a consistent look regarding the way Old School appears and we'd like to make certain that our changes to the official version are the only ones to be made available.

We hope that the news is that Jagex and the Old School team are tackling this project in earnest is something that you are excited about even though it might mean that we need to gently ask you to shut down your own personal project."

117 stated that they had offered Jagex an option in the form of removing their project when Jagex had released their own, and also giving Jagex "collaborative control" over the visual style of Runelite HD osrs infernal cape service.