Although it is very regrettable, the very popular Harvest Challenge League currently underway will officially end on September 14th, followed by the highly anticipated Expansion 3.12. Although the developer Grinding Gear Games announced some information about the expansion as early as September, we still don't know its official name. What is certain is that Path of Exile players on the PC platform can download and install the update patch on September 18, while players on the console platform need to wait until September 23.
As we all know is that whenever a new challenge league is launched in the POE, you need to re-create a role to participate in the challenge. This role will not inherit any materials you collect in the standard mode, including POE Items and POE Currency Buy. In this case, you need to kill the enemy again and collect any useful items. Fortunately, if you want to skip this time, there is now a very good opportunity. With the release of POE: Harvest, the well-known third-party game service provider MMOAH also provides a full range of services for players participating in the new challenge league, including cheap POE Orbs and POE Trade. These important resources will help you through the most difficult times quickly.