TikTok is testing a new horizontal full screen mode with select users globally, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. Users who have access to the test feature will see a new “full screen” button appear on square or rectangle videos in their feed. Once you click the button, the video will shift into a horizontal full screen mode that takes advantage of all the real estate on your phone.

Paul Triolo, a technology expert at the Albright Stonebridge Group consultancy, told the BBC: "The goal here seems to be to appeal to a more mature audience of the type that uses YouTube for informational and learning videos, where a full-screen mode would be more desirable."

It certainly makes sense to us, though, when it comes to the younger generation, TikTok has already got it sussed.

Carolina Milanesi, founder of The Heart of Tech consultancy, said the new feature will make TikTok more appealing to content creators.

"Shorts have become a big part of YouTube's recent engagement, and TikTok must be worried about creators turning to YouTube for at least part of their content," she told the BBC.

Now that TikTok has been supporting long-form content for a while, it makes sense for the company to enhance the viewing experience for users who are watching these sorts of videos, while also making the creative experience better for creators. Oftentimes creators will add a “turn your phone” message at the start of a video to get users to fully enjoy the content that’s about to play if they recorded a video horizontally. With this feature, creators would no longer have to do that.

As with any test feature, it’s unknown when or if TikTok plans to release the full screen mode widely to all users. It’s also worth noting that if TikTok does decide to release the feature officially, the final product may look different than the test product.

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