The reason you take the Jets in Madden NFL 23 would be to receive their draft selections Mut 23 coins. They've a lot of extra first round picks in the next few years because of the Jamal Adams trade. You are going to have to figure out how great the Seattle Seahawks user in your league is because if you get two top 10 first round selections from these, by year 4 or 3 the Jets might be a force to be reckoned with.

There really isn't any other reason to choose the Jets unless you are a big fan of the group. Their first round pick this season, Mekhi Becton is a great offensive lineman but anytime you group's first round pick the former year was about the offensive line, it's mostly a wasted choice when it comes to Madden. Ashtyn Davis is a reunite and security guy from California. The former hurdler could offer some instant sparks to your special teams and could develop nicely for you on defense along with his 92 rate score.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will not be on anyone's top listings for franchise mode in Madden NFL 23 however if you're dealt a bad hand and are made to shoot them, they really do have any bits that may help you build them back up. Unfortunately they lost Jalen Ramsey however they received multiple first round picks in exchange. The Jaguars having extra is a silving liner for an otherwise poor group. Leonard Fournette remains a weapon on crime and D.J. Chark is a fun broad receiver to develop into a monster by season 3.

As fun as Gardner Minshew is in the NFL, it does not translate that into Madden so you may need to find yourself a new franchise QB in the draft. Rookie cornerback C.J. Henderson should be an elite cornerback by year 3 with any competent owner. The Jaguars have a great deal of young players that you should be able to progress into strong players, they simply don't need anybody to get that excited over. DaVon Hamilton can become an anchor to the defensive line for a long time to come. Be certain to try to get him some stats early on to get his development trait up.

To put it plainly, the Detroit Lions are a team you get stuck together in Madden NFL 23, not a team that you choose. They could get Jeffrey Okudah at corner. If you progress him correctly, he could turn into a Jalen Ramsey style corner in his career. They also got DE Julian Okwara to help get to the quarterback on defense. D'Andre Swift adds a new dynamic to the offense and Matthew Stafford is still very capable of doing his job madden 23 coins cheap. This team needs work but has the potential to win a couple of games with the ideal owner in charge. Rookie RE Julian Okwara is the prototype of a Madden defender.